Aspen Colorado Events & Activities

The best things in life are found in Aspen, Colorado.  And Aspen offer’s an abundance of activities and events for you to enjoy. With so many things to do in Aspen Colorado and Snowmass Colorado, we thought it would be nice to provide a short list of our favorites.

  • Hiking  Smuggler Mine Trail has been a local’s favorite for years.
  • Jeeping to the top of Aspen Mountain to enjoy the Sun Deck.
  • Biking down the Rio Grande Trail from Aspen to Woody Creek Tavern or take the Rim Trail in Snowmass.
  • Live Music in Aspen at the Music Tent, bring a blanket and a picnic.  Always a great time.
  • Snowmass Concert Series – Every Thursday through the summer on Snowmass Mountain
  • Ghost Town’s – With Ashcroft and Independence pass just minutes from Aspen, this is a great day trip with the family.

And if you’re looking for real estate, you can always go horseback riding with us.  But we’ll remind you to bring your check book because you will find a property you want to buy!

And so much more.  Contact Carol Dopkin to find out what’s going on during your time in Aspen Colorado.

Aspen / Snowmass Calendar of Events